Russell County Public Library

Exhibits & Displays

The Library Board welcomes exhibits and displays that supplement the civic, cultural, educational, or recreational activities and services of Russell County Public Library.  Library programs and exhibits will have first priority for available display space. The library reserves the right to limit the number of displays, posters or exhibits at any one time.

The director is responsible for determining whether such materials are appropriate within the context of these policies and fit within available space. The director, or designated library staff, will give prior approval to all exhibits and items on display.

When materials are held at the Library for temporary exhibit purposes, the library staff will endeavor to protect the materials. However, the library is not responsible for any damage; the exhibition sponsor is responsible for any damage.  The owner/exhibitor will be expected to sign an agreement relieving the Library of all liability for mutilation, damage, or loss of materials in the exhibit and should obtain any reasonable/necessary insurance.  The agreement will also specify the owner/exhibitor’s responsibility for removing the materials upon the agreed-upon ending date for the exhibit.  (See “Exhibit and Display Agreement”)

If the Library receives a professionally produced exhibition that requires a contract accepting liability, the Library will accept liability as the exhibition sponsor and will obtain an insurance rider through the county to cover any damage.

Exhibit and Display Agreement

Russell County Public Library welcomes your exhibit.  Every effort will be taken to assure that the display is well protected.  However, Russell County Public Library cannot be liable for damage, mutilation, or loss of the materials on display.

The Library reserves the right to determine the dates during which exhibits will be displayed and also reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the items on display.

Signing this agreement releases Russell County Public Library of any damages to the items on exhibit.

Exhibit: _______________________________   Name: _______________________

I understand that Russell County Public Library cannot be held liable for damage, mutilation, or loss of materials on display.  I further agree to assist in setting up the exhibit and removing the items on display by the agreed-upon dates.

Beginning Date: ___________________      Ending Date: ___________________

Signature: ___________________________________    Today’s Date: ________

Revised by the Board of Trustees, 19 June 2015

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