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Conduct in the Library

Conduct & Behavior Policy

The Library Board of Trustees is responsible for policy governing conduct in the library necessary to protect the rights of individuals to use library materials and services, to protect the rights of library employees to conduct library business without interference, and to preserve library materials and facilities.

Library patrons have the right to use library materials and services without being disturbed or impeded by other library users. Library patrons and employees have the right to an environment that is secure and comfortable. Library patrons and employees have a right to materials and facilities that are available and in good condition.

Patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building, such as reading, studying, using library materials, or participating in library activities.

Patrons shall respect the rights of other patrons and shall not harass or annoy others. Improper conduct in the library or on library property is prohibited. Examples of unacceptable behavior (behaving in a manner which reasonably can be expected to disturb other patrons) include, but are not limited to: acting in violation of federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulation; possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; engaging in disorderly conduct, including obscene or abusive language and destructive or violent acts; gambling; loitering, including refusing to leave at closing; impeding access to the library; leaving children, under the age of 6, unattended by a responsible person; bringing animals, other than handicapped-aide animals or those used for law enforcement or library programs, into the library; mutilating or defacing library property; removing library materials from the premises without authorization through established lending procedures; distributing pamphlets or leaflets, soliciting, or campaigning; smoking, eating, or drinking, except in designated areas; creating any loud and/or disturbing noises, either personally or by using audio equipment; staring at another person with the intent to annoy that person; and following another person about the building with the intent to annoy that person.

Theft, vandalism, or mutilation of library property is a violation of the Code of Virginia and shall be punishable by law. All briefcases, oversize handbags, carryalls, luggage, packages, overcoats and shopping bags shall be subject to inspection by library staff. Library staff may, for good cause related to any apparent breach of these rules and regulations, request a patron to provide proper identification.

Complaints by patrons and staff about the conduct of other patrons and staff will be treated seriously. The source of the complaint will be notified by staff members that his/her conduct is unacceptable and infringing on the rights of others.

Patrons who fail to comply with this policy may be asked to leave the library building and library property for the rest of the day. Continuing problems, or extreme misconduct, may result in suspension from the library building and library property, on recommendation of the director. Extreme cases of misconduct will result in immediate expulsion. The library staff shall contact the police when necessary.

Any patron, whose privileges have been denied, may have the decision reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees.

This conduct policy will be posted in public view, and copies will be distributed to patrons upon request.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees 4/96; revised July 2010

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