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Acceptable Use of the Internet & Public Computers

Russell County Public Library seeks to meet the needs of community members to access information and resources to make informed decisions, stimulate the imagination, connect and engage the world online and create young readers. Public access to the Internet offers current global resources to meet these needs.


Russell County Public Library provides wired and wireless Internet access and expects users to use it in a manner consistent with the mission of the Library. The Library does not control the information available on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. Library patrons over the age of 18 may use the wired Internet access at Russell County Public Library. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s signed permission on file to use the wired Internet. Children under age 8 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult when using the Internet.

The Library promotes an environment where safety and security, especially of minors, is of utmost importance. The Library strongly supports Intellectual Freedom in the use of the Internet and states its position clearly in its intellectual freedom statement in the Collection Development Policy. The Library also abides by all applicable laws and regulations. Balancing fair and legal use is sometimes a delicate matter. As required by Virginia state law, the Library’s wired Internet is ‘filtered’ in an attempt to prevent access to material deemed harmful to minors. The Library also abides by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Patrons may request that the filter be disabled as well as that a site be added to or removed from the list of blocked sites. Such requests are reviewed by the library administration. Wireless Internet access is not filtered as patrons are using their own devices; wireless access does not permit access to other Library computing resources such as printers or scanners. Wireless users are expected to adhere to this policy when using access in the Libraries or on the Library’s grounds.

The Library does not monitor, control, or provide barriers to such material, aside from filters required by law, and cannot be held responsible for the content of the Internet. Some Internet sites may contain inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, indecent, controversial or offensive material. Patrons are cautioned that the Internet is not a secure medium and third parties may be able to obtain information regarding user’s activities in a variety of ways. The wireless networks are unsecured. Patrons are encouraged to be critical consumers and to evaluate the information carefully. The Library is not responsible for any liability or damage arising from a user’s Internet access.

The Internet contains material that is inappropriate for viewing by children. Although the Library uses a filter, it is an imperfect tool; the Library is not responsible for inappropriate or offensive material which may pass through the filter. Parents/guardians are informed that the Library staff cannot monitor or supervise children’s use of the Internet. As with other Library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. Print resources are available to parents and guardians on child safety on the Internet. Additionally, the Library offers links to a wide range of useful and interesting sites for children and youth through pages on the website dedicated to children.

When using the Internet at Russell County Public Library, through login procedures, the patron agrees to abide by the terms of this policy and the conduct policy, and by related Library procedures regarding use of public computers.

Library staff will treat the contents of electronic files as private and confidential. Any inspection of electronic files, and any action based upon such inspection will be governed by applicable Federal and Virginia laws, as well as Russell County Public Library policies. This policy complies with existing Virginia and Federal laws.

Unauthorized Use

Use of the Internet for both library employees and library patrons is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use will result in a first written warning. A second offense will result in a suspension of Internet privileges for 3 months. A third offense will result in cancellation of this privilege. Reinstatement of Internet privileges can only occur with an appeal to the Library Board and their approval.

The Library’s Rules of Conduct apply to the use of the Internet for inappropriate or disruptive behavior.

Illegal acts involving Library computing resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.

Examples of inappropriate or unacceptable use include, but are not limited to, the following:

Using any RCPL computer, peripheral, or service for illegal or criminal purposes, such as sending, viewing, or downloading illegal material via the Internet;
Violation of computer system integrity, tampering with or destruction or damage to any computing hardware or software;
Storage of data to anything other than a personal storage device, e.g. USB drive;
Violation of software license agreements and copyright laws;
Violation of another person’s or party’s privacy;
Use of sounds or visuals which might be disruptive to others;
Installing personal software on library-owned computers;
Making false statements to obtain the filter disabling;
Viewing images or videos pornographic in nature
Any other activity expressly prohibited in RCPL policies and procedures.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees 8/18/98, Amended by Library Board of Trustees 7/99;
Revised by the Library Board of Trustees 12/16/2003, 9/18/2007; 12/15/2015

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